Monday, January 21, 2013


I finally finished reading Nekropolis by TimWaggoner. According to Amazon I ordered it over a year ago. I think I sent it to my phone rather than my kindle. The idea behind the book is that the hero is a zombie trying to solve a crime in a city of dark magic called Nekropolis.

The description of the city is pretty good. There are lots of ideas, but a lot of the dialogue is pretty wooden. I still enjoyed it though.

There so many urban fantasy books out there, that I first though that he was just a rip off. There are a number of TV programs with vampires as detectives, so I thought I could see his thought processes when de decided on the zombie detective angle. When I read the last section of the book, he actually wrote it in 1995, so he was ahead of the rest. It took a while to get published.