Sunday, January 20, 2013

The web of fear (great intelligence)

So I read the web of fear as I travelled back from Lisbon to Germany. This is a DR Who story. The action takes place in the London Underground and the Dr is fighting robot yeti and some nasty web of something.

The alien mind controlling it all is the great intelligence. This enemy was also featured in the 2012 Christmas Dr Who special. So it is back. The Dr could have defeated it in this book, but his clever idea was stopped, because his Scottish companion used some extreme violence to smash a pyramid. But this was only a local victory, and not the total one that Dr Who hoped for.

The BBC web site has some images from the web of fear TV program.

What is worrying about the web of fear is that the great intelligence can take over humans without their knowledge. The web of fear as first broadcast in 1968. I was one year old. Perhaps I was influenced and I am controlled by the GT. Many of these old Dr Who episodes were wiped. There must have been a reason! What if I am reactivated by the new plot lines with the great intelligence?

Does Steven Moffat know what he is doing?