Saturday, January 26, 2013

Watching cable cars in Lisbon

When I first arrived at my hotel in Lisbon, the receptionist told me about the different areas of Lisbon, after I had admitted that while I had a guide book, I hadn't actually read it. She told me about the modern area of Lisbon where the casinos were. She wore a suit and had long brown hair. I thought she was cute.

Although I am not a casino person I still took the Metro to the Orinet station. As this is where I believed I could get to an area called Parques das Nacoes. I was expecting super modern buildings, but also because I had a bad case of man flue, I couldn't really deal with an stress, complication or disappointment. It was also raining. Nowhere looks good in the rain.

There was a big railway station at the Metro station, lots of concrete and some pod like lifts. The railway station was connected to some big shopping mall over the road. I walked around with a flu high and watched the happy shoppers live their lives. What I really wanted was to see the river

After the Mall I walked outside to the river. There were two sets of flag poles with the flags of the countries of the world on them. I walked between them to the river.  I ate fish stew in a small empty restaurant.

The buildings were modern, but I didn't get the modern kick that you get from seeing Frankfurt as you arrive by train. I didn't find the casino.

By the river there was a big cable car. It went by the side of river. I saw many empty cars pass above me. It wasn't clear what the point of the cable cars was. I thought cable cars had something to do with skiing. If I been there with a woman, we would of gone for a cable car ride, so that we could build more happy memories (even if she had problems with heights). Instead I watched empty cable cars move above me. I was alone.

After a while I decided I had done enough tourist stuff, so I took the Metro back to my hotel. The TV was showing the The Big Lebowski .  I laughed a lot.