Sunday, January 20, 2013

First day in Lisbon

On my first full day of holiday I walked to the centre of Lisbon. I found a few squares with statues in them. People kept offering to sell me hash and cocaine on the street. What I found weird was that although there were so many street dealers, I never smelt any dope on the street.

I thought I would walk to the river. I thought the river was close. but as I walked I suddenly found myself on a steep hill. This didn't seem correct, but up the hill I went. It was an over cast day with terrible black clouds and cold. At some point it was clear I had moved away from the tourist section of the city, but I kept walking on. At some point I needed to go to the toilet. I went into a bar. I then realised that I don't even know the Portuguese for toilet or thank you, so I was reading my phrase book while I drank my beer. Also I needed the word for key, because the toilet was locked.

I wander around lost again. I wanted to find a Metro station, but there were none around. I was feeling bored and a bit miserable.  I stopped at cafe and got a burger and beer. Then the sun started shining and I decided to follow the bus route to a Metro station. I felt happier. I eventually found the Metro station and took a train to the centre of the city.

Back in the centre I find the river and the area called Bairro. I feel peaceful when I see the river. It is dark and very cold. I try and find a bar. I have to settle for a mixed pizza and cocktail bar. I order a cocktail and a beer and sit out in the cold. I think that gave some kind of cold or flu for the rest of the week.

The picture below shows the square when I spent much time reading. There were a number of stalls and a DJ playing african music.