Saturday, January 12, 2013

Diary of a man in despiar

For complicated reasons I am not so interested in Nazi Germany. However, Amazon recommend that I read "Diary of a Man in Despair" by Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen. Friedrich was a German aristocrat who kept  a diary during the years that Germany was controlled by the Nazis. He was an educated right wing guy of the type that you no loner see after Regan and Thatcher took over the the right win cause and all they believe in now in stealing as much money as they can.

It was interesting to see his very negative remarks about Prussia and Berlin.

In 1932 or so he was in beer hall with his gun and Hitler was there on his own. He said afterwards if he had know what was going to happen latter he would have shot him then.

He was eventually shot in 1944. He almost survived the war, but at the end the Nazis' were going crazy shooting all kinds of people.