Tuesday, January 01, 2013

void festival review

To be perfectly honest I don't listen to too much electronic music, however when I saw that there was an electronic music festival in Wuppertal on new years ever, it seem like a better option than watching some films on Itunes.

The evening started badly, because although I only had drunk a can of beer and a glass of wine, I didn't manage to get to the venue with out a piss. Luckily the  venue was close to the University and there is not much housing close. I felt bad though, a bit grubby start of the evening. When I walked into the venue there were a bunch of guys pissing after they got off the bus, so I felt more clean.

The festival claimed there were three floors, but there was only one big room and two smaller rooms. The big room was actually a sports arena. It took a while to figure out the token system for buying drinks.

I moved between the three floors and drank some beer. I enjoyed the music more than I thought and everyone was friendly. Suddenly it was 4:00 in the morning and it was time to go home. Perhaps I could have stayed until the end at 6:00. I certainly could not have gone to the after show party.