Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spending Friday in Lisbon with Harry Hole

Although I visited Lisbon to do tourist things, sometimes I just want to relax. So on Friday I did nothing really, but hang out on the streets and read "Robin Redbreast" by Jo Nesbo. This was a novel about the Detective Harry Hole. Being a genius detective Harry is of course not good with discipline and is an alcoholic. In this story he only goes on big bender when his police partner gets murdered while he was trying to chat up a woman.

I purchased the book after listening to a show about different fictional detectives around Europe on the BBC. Harry Hole is from Norway. Part of the book's story was dealing with the Nazi past of Norway and perhaps the Neo-Nazi future.

I got sick while I was in Lisbon. My throat was so sore on Friday that I could barely talk. I just croaked words out in a very deep voice.