Thursday, January 17, 2013

Art gallery in Lisbon

One day while I was on holiday I thought I would go to an art gallery.  So when I finally got up I took the Metro to visit Centro de arta moderna. It was a pretty nasty rainy day, so it was good time to visit a gallery.

When I walked into the gallery I tried to buy a ticket. The woman at the desk was talking on the phone for a couple of minutes, while I waited. When she finally stopped talking it turned out that the ticket was free. They were replacing some of the exhibits, so the gallery was almost empty.
In parts of the gallery they were installing new things. It was hard to focus on the paintings, when there is a crane installing things.

I think there should be more technology in galleries to keep the arts and crafts people rooted in reality. In fact I would go further and power art galleries with teams of artists on treadmils - just to get them to do something useful for once in their life.

My guide book claimed that I would see some paintings by Paula Rego. I don't think the painting below was the one I saw, but it looks sort of the same as two pictures I saw in the gallery. I like here work, so I will just imagine that I have seen some of here work.