Saturday, January 26, 2013

More art in Lisbon

After I decide not to go into the Monastery in Lisbon on because it was still consecrated ground, I thought I would go the big art gallery close by. The art gallery was called Museu  Coleccao  Berado.
It was originally the art collection of a Billionaire. The building was very impressive. It only hel modern art.

To be perfectibility honest I didn't really feel like going to a gallery, but I had gone to the effort to go to Belem area of Lisbon. Outside the gallery was a statue made from bottles. This steals my idea of building a house from beer cans, so that I could say I am working the extension, while I sup beer and watch TV.

I am writing this over two weeks after going to the gallery, so my recollections may not be accurate.
Also the paragraphs below sound a bit cynical, I should say I really enjoyed the visit.

I don't normally like video installations, but there was one with a projector showing scenes on the two different walls in a small room. The sound of the projector reminded me of the disintegration tapes.

After seeing only nude painting in the building, I decided that is what modern arts needs is more naked women.  One picture was of the stars in the sky. This was more exciting to me than many of the other stuff.

Almost every piece had a lot of text which explained what the point of it all will be. We shall see how modern art fairs when everyone has access to cameras, camcorders and can distribute via the internet.

The picture below shows an art work perhaps sponsored or even made by Ikea. I have seen the future of modern art. Thanks Damien Hirst.