Saturday, January 12, 2013

Start of my holiday in Lisbon

So I find that spending a week at my Mum's house is not enough at X-mas to relax me for the stress of work. So this year I booked a holiday in Lisbon. I flew from Bonn-Cologne airport, but because I had a morning flight I got up around 5, so ended up with about 4 hours sleep. I walked to the railway station, through the dark, empty streets. I saw an empty bus coming the other way.

At the railway station I saw an old guy shuffle around with a stick His skin was bloated like a bull frog. Click-click went his stick as he shuffled around the station with no purpose. Perhaps a glimpse of my future.

Normally at the airport I drink a beer and a ice cold shot of Vodka. However, at 8:30 in the morning my stomach told me it couldn't face the vodka, so I just had a beer. The only time it is socially acceptable to drink in the earl morning is when you travel, or if you have been working all night. I watching a TV program abut ur relations with China. Before we imported lots of tea, the English used to drink beer for breakfast. The trade with Tea with China hurt the UK's trade deficit, so my morning beer helped the trade deficit.

I had spent some time planning how to get to my hotel from the airport. I had even got google to plan a bus route, but at the airport, I almost decide to get a Taxi. But I could feel my ante-taxi rage, because I could visualize the guy ripping me off when it was time to pay. Luckily I saw a sign for the Metro. This was not mentioned on the web site for Lisbon airport, but I knew that my hotel was close to a station. My printer is no longer printing good enough for me to be able to read it, so I spent half a hour trying to work out which underground station to aim for. After that it was a short trip on the super efficient Lisbon metro to my hotel. Interesting enough my guide book told me that the Metro close to my hotel has a problem with muggings. One of exists with a long tunnel is close at night and that would be the one I would use to take someone out.