Monday, January 14, 2013

Saturday in Lisbon

So on Saturday, the last full day of my holiday, I decided I should do more Tourist stuff. There is an area called Belem Lisbon that contains a famous monastery and a big new art gallery.

I took the Metro up to Cais de Sodre. I took the tram 18, as the guide book suggested to a town close to the Monastery. It was an old yellow tram. I was expecting to see many tourists get on, but it looked as though all the passengers were local. The tram was old and creaked along in a charming, if bone juddering way. The tram made many stops and it picked up a bunch of old people with their shopping. There was no information on the tram as to where I was. At some stage there was a big building which looked like a museum, so I got off and followed a family with a shopping trolley full of food.

The building did seem to be a museum of some kind with police on guard, but the museum was not mentioned in my guide book. Also the area I wanted to see was close to the river. I was on some hill, but I could see some fancy building in the distance. So I marched in the general direction, which was luckily downhill.

On the way I passed and army barracks. There was a small tank outside the compound. I almost took out my phone to take a picture but decided that that the local may think I am a spy.

I found the interesting area. The Monastery was indeed amazing to look at it. it did remind me of the "Sanctuary building" in the TV series. I was about to go in, when I noticed that they still hold mass in the building. i don't really like treading on consecrated ground, so I decided to not go inside.