Thursday, January 03, 2013

Divorce, lust, floods and explosions in a dream

Although I was shocked to hear about a couple I know were getting divorced, in my dreams I took his ex-wife out for dinner. I don't think that this was a date as such. We went to a restaurant by the sea. She was telling me of the problems with her ex-husband. It wasn't clear that they were divorced, but it was clear that the relationship was in trouble, because she described him as a bad man.

There was some kind of flood at the restaurant and I rescued her by holding her hand and guiding her to the car. I asked a policeman, as to whether the flooding was due to a hurricane. She drove me to another restaurant, but said nothing to me. I could not think of anything to break the silence.

At the second restaurant she started flirting with a table of Hungarian gangsters, and ignored me.
Later in the dream there was an explosion at the gangsters hideout under a church. The police arrested the gangsters. The dream was set in the US. I decided to investigate. There was a lead from a bank account number.

It was a good dream, but it did mean I overslept.