Friday, January 25, 2013

Anger before sleep.

I am trying to sleep better. So I watch some TV before going to bed and drink a can of alcohol free beer (some nights at least).

Last night I watched a Father Brown episode where there was a German priest. Many of the parishioners were still unhappy about the war. So part of the story was him making friends with people who hated Germans. In the end the German priest was the murderer.  The UK is still obsessed by the second world war, although we should be thinking of other more important things.

Then I tried to watch a Dr Who episode on Itunes, but it would only play for about 1 minute before stopping. Grr. My anger and stress rose. I shook my fist at Apple. Itunes is crappy bloated software.

I slept OK. I did have a dream where I was in court for nothing serious. I was trying to apply to get into Broadmoore mental hospital. I had a written application which was very heavy. Postage is very expensive now in the UK, but I put a lot of stamps on the envelope. I can't have been that mentally ill in the dream, if I worried about the cost of postage.